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A Silent Killer by Sister Barbara Spencer


“If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.”  Romans 12:18


 There is a disease traveling throughout, seeing whom it may consume.  This monster has the potential to destroy Friends, Families, Ministries, Churches, and Communities.  On the surface, everything may appear to be normal, but beneath the surface, there is a “Silent Killer” lurking in the background, “Unresolved Conflict”.  It leaves a trail of division and destruction in its path.  Everybody is aware of it, but nobody wants to acknowledge or take steps to resolve the issue.  When it is allowed to fester, it wreaks havoc from the inside out.


 Most issues start small but if it is left unaddressed, it can grow to the point of no return.  It can also, but rarely, lead to positive outcomes when individuals or groups are forced to find ways to solve a problem. 


Conflict is a sharp disagreement or opposition of interest or ideas between two or more people or groups.  Some of its root causes stem from envy and jealousy, pride, ego, power struggle, acting on assumptions and not on facts. It produces for all involved, a mental and emotional struggle within.  It may also cause physical harm.  Conflict will come.  How it is handled makes the difference.


What if there was a conflict that had been allowed to fester for years until it has seemingly reached a point of no return?  Is it too late for reconciliation?  Is it too late to turn back the clock?  If that was possible, would history repeat itself?   What can be done about this “Silent Killer”?   


What if those involved in conflict agreed to give these issues over to God and to leave it there, realizing that God’s desire is for us to live in peace and harmony.  That we love and not hate, that we be forgiving of one another and seek reconciliation and not retaliation.  That we should pray for unity, and that we are sinning against God when we foster dissention.



Dear God, please let us who are involved in unresolved conflicts, (that Silent Killer), realize that we are sinning against you and to always seek your guidance in finding a way to reconcile. 

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.  Amen.

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