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ushers and nurses

Billie Edwards

Ushers & Nurses President

The Nurses Ministry for New Era is there to provide comfort, support, and minor medical attention if necessary during church services.  A long-standing ministry for New Era the Nurses Ministry is always available to assist if needed.

The Ushers Ministry works silently, but tirelessly within the church to ensure the smooth flow of people traffic during church services.  They also work to provide visitors the opportunity to introduce themselves, and assist throughout the church as needed.


President- Billie Edwards                                                                 

1st Vice President-  Ronald Boggess                        

2nd Vice President- Vacant


Recording Secretary- Bobbie Stevenson                                                          

Asst. Recording Secretary- Vacant


Corresponding Secretary- Ella Thomas                 

Asst. Corresponding Secretary-Vacant

Treasurer- Junior Sheard                                           

Asst Treasurer- Mabel Redmon


Financial Secretary- Garnetta Brooks 


Asst Financial Secretary-Vacant


Junior/Youth Supervisor- Rita Ford 

Asst Junior/ Youth Supervisor-Vacant


Calling /Contact- Jean Traylor


Sick/Cheer- Ms. Fannie Nelson 


Captain- Ronald Boggess                                                                 

Community Outreach - Deidra Logan

Devotion Leader- Mabel Redmon

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