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Louis B. Parker Scholarship


Scholarship Purpose-


     The purpose of the Louis B. Parker Fund is to serve as a memorial to Louis Parker for his dedicated, devoted and faithful love to knowledge through education.


     The fund will be a resource center to aid persons desiring to increase their knowledge, especially Christian training.

     The fund will provide scholarships and cash awards to persons seeking educational opportunities.


     The scholarship fund is designed for persons between the ages of 17 – 24 years of age. It will not discriminate against a person’s national origin, sex, religious belief or ecclesiastical status.


Scholarship Criteria

-Must be a Christian

-Must be 17 – 24 years of age

-Must be attending or going to attend an institution of higher learning.

-Must be active in the local church

-Must have a letter of recommendation from the pastor

-Must have a 3.0 G.P.A. in high school or college

-Must be active in school activities  

-Must be active in at least one district association activity 


Tim Parison, Chair

Curtis Hammons 

Alice Hart 

Patricia Thompson 

Mark Turner 


Who was Louis B. Parker?

     Louis B. Parker was born May 26, 1929 in Eagletown, Oklahoma. He received his education at a grade school in Eagletown and high school in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and received his B. S. Degree in Agriculture from Langston University.

    He served two years in the United States Army and received the rank of Sgt. 1st Class. He was a veteran of the Korean War. He obtained the Bronze Star of Gallantry.

     Louis Parker came to Kansas City after being discharged from the Army in 1953. He united with the Memorial Baptist Church in May of 1970. The many capacities that he served in Memorial were:


     Chairman of the Deacon Board

     Sunday School Teacher

     Director of the Male Chorus

     Teacher of the Deacons & Trustee Board

     Vice President-At-Large, State Laymen

     State Congress Instructor

     President, New Era District Laymen

     National Laymen Devotional Leader

     Chairman Southeast Regional Workshop


     Louis B. Parker was an advocate for Christian Education. During his tenure as Laymen President of the New Era District Association, the laymen sponsored a Scholarship Fund for worthy students and the laymen served as the foundation for Camp New Era, a place for young and old to learn about God.

     The Scholarship Fund is dedicated to his memory and to provide resources for persons pursuing educational opportunities.

     Louis Parker was called home by God on August 29, 1993. His work was done. His last assignment by God was Chairing the Southeast Regional Laymen’s Workshop on July 23 - 25, 1993, a workshop providing Christian education to men, women, boys and girls.


Past Scholarship Recipients

1995 Derrick Miles Morning Star

1995 Wendy Robinson First Baptist - Liberty

1995 Sheri D. Pewitt Greenwood Baptist Church

1995 La Tisha Miles Morning Star Baptist Church


1996 TuFonza Byrd First Baptist - Liberty

1996 Antonio King Memorial Baptist Church

1996 Wendell Williams Mt. Sinai Baptist Church


1997 Yolanda Nero Second Baptist Church

1997 Lakisha Lopez Second Baptist Church

1997 Shalonda Jones Morning Star Baptist Church

1997 Kelly V. Baldwin Memorial Baptist Church


1998 Rev. Alfred White Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

1998 Kami Johnson Greenwood Baptist Church

1998 Marlon Simington Memorial Baptist Church

1998 Nichole Taylor Skylight Baptist Church


1999 Tiffani Jones Skylight Baptist Church

1999 LeAndrea Hardin Morning Star Baptist Church

1999 Leon Simington Memorial Baptist Church

1999 Ebony Williams Ebenezer Baptist Church


2000 Nicole Tigner Friendship Baptist Church

2000 Tia Hogan Greenwood Baptist Church

2000 Sharece Johnson Second Baptist Church

2000 Cassandra Pitts Skylight Baptist Church

2000 Leigha Gray Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

2000 Kevin Johnson Community Progressive 

2000 Alfred White Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

2000 Shamika Franklin Morning Star Baptist Church


2001 Kami Johnson Greenwood Baptist Church


2002 Alfred Ramon White Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

2002 Shominica Mark Westminster Baptist Church

2002 Mary Cooper Morning Star Baptist Church

2002 Marriah D. Brown Friendship Baptist Church

2002 Phaedra Phillips Paradise Baptist Church

2002 Stefanie Jones Skylight Baptist Church

2002 Rev. Alfonso Davis Second Baptist Church


2003 Shanita D. Hunter Friendship Baptist Church

2003 Raymond Griffith, Jr. Greenwood Baptist Church

2003 Rev. Donald Slack Morning Star Baptist Church

2003 Zharday Jameson St. James Baptist Church

2003 Michael Jones Second Baptist Church

2003 Marie DeBurge St. James Baptist Church

2003 Cora Mae Terrell Second Baptist Church

2003 Ronell Suggs, Sr. Southside First Baptist 






2005 Jason Crain Southside First Baptist 

2005 Nicole Davis Friendship Baptist Church

2005 Cierra Obioha Southside First Baptist 

2005 Ronnell Suggs, Sr. Southside First Baptist 


2006 Sydney Cooper St. James Baptist Church

2006 Ryan Davis Progressive Baptist Church

2006 Whitney Evans Friendship Baptist Church

2006 Ty’ree Gregory St. Paul Baptist Church

2006 Alania Guess Friendship Baptist Church

2006 Lauren Monroe Morning Star Baptist Church


2007 Destiny Fountain Progressive Baptist Church

2007 Donald King Greenwood Baptist Church

2007 Takeela Robinson Progressive Baptist Church

2007 Demichia Smith Skylight Baptist Church

2007 James Taylor St. Paul Baptist Church

2007 Shanica Washington Progressive Baptist Church

2008 Shavon Brown Southside First Baptist 

2008 Porcia Jackson Morning Star Baptist Church

2008 Carlos Traywick, Jr. Second Baptist Church


2009 No Awards


2010 Angela Handy Second Baptist Church

2010 Christy L. Alexander St. James Missionary Baptist Church

2010 Cassandra Phillips Paradise Missionary Baptist Church

2010 Christina Phillips Paradise Missionary Baptist Church


2011 Cynthia Buford St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

2011 Kristopher R. Rimpson Friendship Baptist Church

2011 Jamar Adair Progressive Baptist Church

2011 Malorie Strong Progressive Baptist Church

2011 Hilorie Strong Progressive Baptist Church


2012 Lindsey Ford Southside First Baptist Church

2012 Ericka Pitchford Morning Star Baptist Church

2012 LaSha C. Sanders Friendship Baptist Church

2012 Kahlena Jones St. Mark Baptist Church


2013 Kaven D. McGary Paradise Missionary Baptist Church

2013 Jasmine McKeithen New Hope Missionary Baptist Church


2014 William T. Snorgrass Progressive Baptist Church

2014 Kelvrin Rajohn Washington Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church

2014 Markus D. Snead St. Mark Baptist Church

2014 Kalea Bean Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church

2014 Talia R. Lindsey Progressive Baptist Church


2015 Harold Chris Fountain- Progressive Baptist Church

2015 Dana Breaux- Paradise Baptist Church









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