Youth Mission

The Youth Ministry was established with the mission to create an environment of inclusion for Young  Christians within the New Era Distinct  to obtain support amongst peers while developing spiritually. Although the Ministry mainly focuses on concerns impacting our youth, we understand the importance of community service and outreach, as well as the need for social interaction amongst all members, in order to develop healthy relationships within the church family.

Young Christians. We welcome new ideas, and initiatives as we move forward toward the building of God's Kingdom

Sis. Channell Woods

Youth Mission Director



President - TBD

1st Vice President - TBD     

2nd Vice President -TBD

Secretary - TBD


Youth Mission Director, Youth Mission Counselors


Youth Director- Sis. Channell Woods

Sunbeam Leader- Sis. Carmelita Thompson

Red Circle Counselor- Sis. Mary Jolly

YWA Counselor- Sis. Sandra Jones

Junior Matron Counselor- Sis. Mary Burnett


Jr. Laymen Ministry

Jr. Laymen Ministry


We are an organization geared to help boys get to know Jesus Christ. Men teach them the ways of Christ and show them how to apply it to their lives.



Jr. Laymen Officers

Jr. Laymen Director

Jr. Laymen President