WMU 2021 Theme:

“Christian Women Working Together on God’s Mission on One Accord”

Acts 1:14, Acts 2:1-3


 Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.  Zechariah 4:6


We, the women of New Era District have been praying, and have been successful during the Lord’s work, but there is so much more to be done. What disparity we have in these United States today. People don’t know Christ as their personal savior.  We don’t have the institution of the family hardly anymore. Our children are being abused. We must be in the business of reaching out to an unsaved world.  We know the spirit of God speaks to us constantly, giving us directions.  This is a reminder that all of our work for God depends not on human strength or power or prowess, but upon God’s spirit for fruition.


We are going to go deeper into the work, in God’s vineyard depending on him to bring it into fruition. Even before God created the heavens and the earth, he knew you and me and he chose us! You and I were born because of God’s good pleasure. May the spirit of God abide with you this new year and forever.






President Jackie Brown


President Emeritus: Ruthy Sanders


1st Vice President: Lora Griffin


2nd Vice President: Karen Bradley


Youth Director: Channell Woods


Associate Youth Director: Avis McGary


Recording Secretary: Sandra Jones

Asst. Recording Secretary: Tracy Reed


Corresponding Secretary: Brenda Rucker


Asst. Corresponding Secretary: Vacant


Treasurer:  Lisa Weaver


Financial Secretary: Cathey Davis


Parliamentarian: Vacant 

Mrs. Jackie Brown





FIRST PRESIDENT: Mrs. Susie Pendleton 1908‐1912

SECOND PRESIDENT: Mrs. Rosie Gipson 1912‐1916

THIRD PRESIDENT: Mrs. Mamie Johnson 1916‐1929

FOURTH PRESIDENT: Mrs. Ethel K. Thomas 1929‐1951

FIFTH PRESIDENT: Mrs. Nannie M. Marshall 1951‐1956

SIXTH PRESIDENT: Mrs. Ethel J. Talley 1956‐1970

SEVENTH PRESIDENT: Mrs. Annie M. Tucker 1970‐1983

EIGHTH PRESIDENT: Mrs. Ruthy Sanders 1983‐1997

NINETH PRESIDENT: Mrs. Erma Eason 1997‐2001

TENTH PRESIDENT: Ms. Elouise Dukes 2001‐2005

ELEVENTH PRESIDENT: Ms. Onita Omorodion 2005‐2011

TWELFTH PRESIDENT : Mrs. Irma Johnson 2011‐ 2017

THIRTEENTH PRESIDENT: Mrs. Jacqueline Brown 2017- Present





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From: Francois Romelus <fromelus@hotmail.com>

To: Jacqueline Brown <aj.brwn@sbcglobal.net>

Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2022, 03:26:29 AM CST

Subject: Re: Subject Support for LHPB


Dear my beloved sister Jackie Brown

 God bless you


I am very very happy to hear from you this new year and not to late also to say to you: Happy new year 2022'May peace,joy health.blessings, protection.happiness etc.of the Lord be with you and your group.

At,LHPB we are doing well.All the kids going to school and making progress. I have one girl ,she is in last year nurse. One of the boy  starting his first year agronomy.another one in plumbing .Please continue and help me pray for them.

Thank you for still remember to support me with the kids only my great Father Lord will reward you for that.Be courage,your love,supports etc for God works will not in vain.Sad to hear how is cold on your country USA.but Haiti is normal.except insecurity and so many people also got sick with fever,cough and headache.but God is an control.

Please give my hello, greetings to all of my brothers and sisters supporters and prayers.Thank you.

Love you all

Bro.Francois Romelus