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President’s Message


Dear Friends and Prospective Students:


We have been blessed to continue the rich history and traditions of our school in providing a biblical based Christian education. With our very fine and quality professors, students are assured of a quality education. After the Western experience, students will be able to return to their communities in which we serve, the churches at-large and the general public and have confidence to minister and meet all challenges.


The staff and administrators are continually exploring ways and means to improve systems, enhance curriculums, increase programs according to needs and upgrade facilities to attract students and foster an environment for learning and provoke creativity.


Our faculty and the academic curriculum on record will challenge our students to do the necessary scholarship to rightly divide the Word of truth and be able to further the message of the gospel in their respective ministries.

We encourage the participation of the community in which we serve to help and assist us in carrying out our mission and fulfilling our purpose.


We welcome all who wish to come and learn and the community is invited at any time to visit any of our six campuses and sit in and review our classes. We look forward to meeting all of our students and visiting with our supporters.

This is an exciting time in the life of Western Baptist Bible College.

 President & Staff

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