CASHAPP Now Available for Giving

New Era constantly endeavors to expand and grow. 
Cash App is now available to anyone wishing to pay assessments, representation fees, general offerings, etc.
To use, once you’ve downloaded the app from your mobile devices App Store, and established a cash app account, simply:


Open the app
Enter the amount you wish to pay
Click pay
In the ‘To’ enter $paynewera
In the ‘For’ enter 2nd Quarterly Board Meeting
Click pay
You’re done.

Make sure you inform your auxiliary treasurer or the executive secretary that money has been paid via cash app.
A note will be emailed to the NED Executive Secretary that money has been sent to New Era from you. 

Pat Jones
NED Executive Secretary 

Rev. Gregory Nichols


Black History Month Video Presentation 

We're trying to have a different Black History video (3 minutes or less) for each day of the month, to post on the website and/or FB page.  Use list or create your own.


Tips for Recording Your Video:

1)      Ensure you are well lighted (you don’t want your video so dark you cant be seen.)
2)      Be sure there’s nothing in the background you don’t, literally, want the world to see.
3)      If you want to stand up put your camera on portrait.
4)      If you want to be seated put your camera on landscape.
5)      If you can, put your script where you can easily see it, perhaps close to your phone.
6)      Relax and have fun.


Turning Your Video In:

iPhone users:

1)      Record Video (obvious, I know)
2)      Open gallery
3)      Push and hold on video
4)      Press share
5)      Scroll up
6)      Copy iCloud link
Now open your text messages.
7)      In Text box press and hold, then paste the link in.
8)      Now send the text to 816-456-7531

Android phone users:

1)      record Video (also obvious, I know)
2)      Press the share Icon (the 3 dots in a sideways triangle)
3)      Press save to “Drive”
4)      Under “Document Title” please put your name and church. Remember the folder you’re saving it to)
5)      Press “Save”

Now open Google Drive. Locate your file (It has your name and your church. It may still be uploading, wait for it to finish, fix yourself a snack )

6)      Once it uploads press the 3 dots (now in a straight line, up and down)
7)      Press “Copy Link”
Now open your text messages
8)      Paste the link into the text box and send to 816-456-7531



The state of Missouri also has a sign-up site for those desiring the first shot vaccine. You may schedule for vaccination at



"Does Turning the Other Cheek Really Work? Let's Ask Isaac"

Sunday, February 21th* 7:00 p.m.

A Video Conference Webinar (Device with Camera)

To register send your email to:


All are Welcome to Join

7:00 p.m.

For more information contact:

Sandra Jones:

Thad Jones:



Use this link to get information on 2021 enrollment