Services for First Lady Armenda Nichols

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Once again, we must say farewell to a members of New Era District.

Sister Armenda Nichols, wife of Pastor Gregory Nichols, will be funeralized on Saturday, April 25, 2020, 11:00am at Mount Horeb, the church that she serviced and loved.

Because of social distancing due to the Covid 19 virus, Pastor Nichols will be streaming the service live via Facebook at mthorebkcmo. 

Pastor Nichols and family sincerely request your viewing presence. 

Cards and condolences can be sent to:

Rev. Gregory Nichols

7609 E. 73rd Terr

Kansas City, MO 64133-6217


Mt. Horeb Baptist Ministries

5001 Agnes

Kansas City, MO 64130


email to Lawrence A. Jones at

Many of us can only imagine the pain of losing a spouse. Let's rally around Pastor Nichols and Pastor Williams, continually keeping them in our prayers.

Romans 12:15 provides us with guidance, "....mourn with those who mourn."

My last conversation with Sister Armenda took place at the New Era Camp Banquet, September 14, 2019. Pastor Nichols was honored at the banquet for his tireless work managing the camp. Sister Armenda was present and shared this moment with her husband. The Ministers Wives and Widows will truly miss her. 

May the Lord bless guide and keep you all, 

Patricia A. Jones 

NED Executive Secretary 

NED Ministers Wives and Widows President 

Rev. Michael C. Phillips

NED Moderator

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