Programs Offered Within the District



Donate a car program is administered through the Congress of Christian Education.

This program will allow the New Era District, the Congress and the donating church to recieve monies. Donated vehicles will be scrapped or repaired and sold.

Donor will receive Kelly Blue Book pricing and will be able to use it as a tax write-off.


For further information call 816-694-3363


Through this prgram you will be able to feed children and young peoplein the community up to age of 18 or 19 years of age, if they are enrolled in college. The age limit increases to 23 if the individual is special needs.


Harevesters will pay $2.76 per child and reimburse the church for the food expenses.

The "win-win" comes about because the church is given the opportunity to use this as an evangelistic outreach event and a fundrasier at the same time.

The Harvesters Kid's Cafe coordinator will colaborate with the WMU to administer the program.  All federal regulations, regarding food requirements, must be followed and your church will be required to meet certification standards.

Harvesters will supply all marketing information. 


All will go through various storms of life. Are you prepared?


New Era District Churches in good standing will be offered a unified life insurance plan with Allstate Group Policy. To participate in the group plan, church workers must be:


  • Age 21-85

  • Be an active church worker within your membership


A physical will not be required and pre-existing conditions will not be denied.


To inquire, call 1-855-229-4650, or 816-229-4650, or email